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About Us

It's ok to be afraid. We can help.

When caring for someone who's dying, many people don't know what to say or do. Our Hospice care teams will listen, explain options, and support your loved one with a personal care plan. We'll help you be present for their final chapter, knowing that they are comfortable, cared for, and loved. 

"When mom got worse, we didn't know what to do. Her doctor said Hospice would be the perfect fit, for the comfort of her own house. And he was right. It was the perfect gift." - siblings, Mike M. and Kelly D.

No one should carry the weight and responsibility of caring for a dying loved one alone. 

We're called to help others navigate the end of life. 

Call us to see if it's the right time for Hospice 717-504-3465.










Franklin Hospice is a 501c(3) that helps patients and their families navigate the final chapter of life, so they can feel comfortable, cared for, and loved.